hit fitness – Titan Fitness Plate-Loaded Functional

Price: $999.99
(as of Nov 02, 2023 04:47:51 UTC – Details)

Introducing the Amazing hit fitness-Titan Fitness Plate-Loaded Functional, designed for those seeking an efficient and effective workout. With its advanced high-intensity interval training capabilities, this equipment allows you to maximize your workout and achieve your fitness goals faster than ever before.

The comprehensive workout offered by the Plate Loaded Functional Trainer will add new depth to your home gym experience. Bulk up your fitness routine with pull-down and row training exercises that build strength for your lower / middle back muscles and forearms. Use the lower cables to add horizontal force to your regular exercises such as lunges, squats, and step-ups – increasing your gains and adding new dynamics to your home gym. Unlock your workout’s full potential: the functional trainer will add resistance to essential exercises, such as front squats, chest presses, shoulder presses, and many more. The Plate-Loaded Functional Trainer is built for long-lasting use and designed to be a staple of every home gym. You can rest assured that the tough steel construction will stay strong through even the most intensive exercises. The black and silver design looks sleek in every setting, and our product warranty covers your pulley trainer for an entire year after purchase. This machine is the ultimate answer to your workout plateau and will undoubtedly take your fitness routine to the next level.

– Comprehensive pulley options including lat, row, and pulldown
– Two 9.25-inch Olympic plate sleeves
– Pull-up bar installed at the top
– Sleek black and silver design
– Tough steel design will last for years to come

– Overall Height: 81-in.
– Overall Footprint: 61-in x 53-in.
– Loadable Sleeve Length: 9.25-in.
– Side Handle Length: 5-in.
– Side Handle Diameter: 1-in.
– Row Handle Length: 14.25-in.
– Row Grip Length: 5-in.
– Row Handle Diameter: 1-in.
– Lat Pulldown Handle Length: 37.5-in.
– Lat Pulldown Grip Length: 5-in.
– Lat Pulldown Handle Diameter: 1-in.
– Weight Plate Capacity: 660 lb.
– Cable Capacity: 1, 540 lb.
– Individual Handle Capacity: 220 lb.

PLATE-LOADED MACHINE: Increase the potential for your fitness training routine by stacking Olympic-sized weight plates up to a 660-pound capacity.
ACCESSORIES INCLUDED: Our Functional Trainer system comes with dual short strap handles, a lat bar, and a low-row handle to maximize your fitness potential.
DURABLE CONSTRUCTION: This specialty machine has a rugged steel build, keeping it dependable as your workout intensity increases. The base of the machine is wide and secure to the stability of your workout routine.
DIMENSIONS: The Functional Trainer weighs 178-pounds and provides an overall height of 81-inches with a footprint width of 61-inches by 53-inch depth.

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Price: $999.99
(as of Nov 02, 2023 04:47:51 UTC – Details)

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